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  • Roads and Boats for three

    I was able to organize a longer game today. We ended up playing Roads and Boats, which was certainly welcome. I bought the game back in 2006 and played the only game so far back in 2005, so I’d say it was about time. Olli and Robert joined me, Robert had played back in 2005 […]

  • Tracon III

    I spent most of my yesterday attending Tracon. Tracon is a yearly convention here in Tampere, this was the third time it was organized. Tracon is mostly about anime, manga and role-playing games. In the first two Tracon’s, I don’t think there was any board game presence, but this time the Finnish Board Game Society […]

  • Roads and Boats missing component

    My copy of Roads and Boats came with two lower wonder boards but zero upper wonder boards. If your copy, by chance, has two upper boards and you want a lower board, drop me a line and we can switch. I’ve sent a replacement board request to Splotter, but I’m not expecting a swift reply…

  • Roads and Boats

    Woot! I’m a proud owner of a spanking new third edition Roads & Boats. Now I only need to find time to play it… And I also have to visit a fishing supply store to get some tackle boxes to sort all the bits and pieces. Just reading through the scenario book gets saliva running… […]

  • War dreams

    I must confess. The guys at the Board Game Society forums have been talking about Advanced Squad Leader a lot, particularly the starter kits. Despite what I’ve said earlier about preferring these detailed strategy games on computer, I’m feeling a small pining for something like that. EastFront is another example of games that have been […]

  • Roads and Boats by Web

    There’s a PBW implementation of Roads and Boats! It’s called Roads & Boats by Web and it’s currently in early testing. I want to test, too! I set up a two-player game for testing purposes. You can join the game; the password is “gameblog”. Please only join if you plan to finish the game in […]

  • Antiquity is here!

    Antiquity arrived, finally! It had taken a detour, visiting three Tampere post offices when it should’ve come through just two. That’s why I didn’t get it last week… Well, that’s all behind, now I can enjoy having the game around and that’s all that matters. First thoughts: oh, it’s huge! Oh, it’s full of counters! […]

  • Game weekend, part 1: Roads & Boats, Manila, Industrial Waste, Memoir ’44

    We had a really good games weekend last weekend. Tommy came over Friday afternoon with a bunch of interesting games to try. We were joined on Saturday by Manu and Robert. After dinner Manu left, but was later replaced by Tommy’s wife Laura, who also happened to be in town. Even though our flat turns […]

  • Games weekend at Tommy’s

    Last weekend was the traditional annual games weekend at Tommy’s. Third time already! Unfortunately the weekend wasn’t quite the success it set out to be, as I fell sick and had to leave. We did get an evening of games on Friday and some games on Saturday and the guys continued until evening, but from […]

  • Helcon expectations

    Today I’m heading to Helsinki and Helcon. I thought I wouldn’t take a huge load of games with me, but here I go, hauling one large bag and few smaller ones. If things go well, I’ll be able to sell most of those games and I don’t have to take them back. There are only […]