Pacific Memoir and rats

My last board game session this summer involved me, Olli and Memoir ’44: Pacific Theatre. The latest Memoir ’44 expansion turned out to be a blast.

We played two scenarios. Japanese counter-attack on Guam was faster thing, while playing through the Iwo Jima Meat Grinder took almost an hour. Both were interesting, well-developed scenarios. The Japanese counter-attack featured interesting terrain and the new night-time rules, while Meat Grinder had my Japanese troops defending a strong defensive fortification complete with minefields, artillery in bunkers and cave networks.

I won both, but since Olli forgot to use his USMC special ability (activate one more unit with each card) for one and a half scenario, it might’ve been different. Well, I did win the first one 6-1 so maybe that would’ve been mine, but I came out from the Meat Grinder with just one medal more than Olli, so perhaps that would’ve been his victory. Hard to say.

We finished off with Rat Hot, this time with proper mix of tiles. Didn’t change the experience much; I still like the game. It’s quick, it offers some neat tactical play and it still feels fresh.

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