Roads and Boats

Woot! I’m a proud owner of a spanking new third edition Roads & Boats. Now I only need to find time to play it… And I also have to visit a fishing supply store to get some tackle boxes to sort all the bits and pieces.

Just reading through the scenario book gets saliva running… This needs to get on the table as soon as possible, but unfortunately that looks quite unprobable. Helcon, perhaps? (Looks like I’m going to play about dozen long games at Helcon, where I’ll be probably at most one full day. Yeah right.)

I also got Memoir ’44: Pacific Theatre, which looks neat. The new figures are pretty, particularly the artillery pieces. The scenarios look interesting, too. Now all I need is the Carrying Case.

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5 responses to “Roads and Boats”

  1. Welcome to the Confraternity of the Geese, as I’ve taken to calling Roads and Boats enthusiasts. I’d go through some of the solitaire puzzles, at least, before trying some multiplayer games. It’s a good way to see how things interact.

  2. Confraternity of the Geese, have to rememver that. Don’t be afraid: I’m already a hardened veteran of one real game and two pbw matches, one failed and one finished. I’ve learned few bitter lessons already.

  3. My copy should be waiting at the local postal facility at home. Either that, or hopefully Christina happened to be home when it arrived! In either event, I can’t wait to open it up and punch the pieces.

  4. Hope you get everything, Jeff. My copy was missing the top piece of the wonder board…