Hot games for Q1/2007

This was a pretty quiet quarter, with basically one hot game and bunch of other games with just one play each.

Previous quarter was a tad more active.

Combat Commander: Europe — The obvious one. I was enthusiastic, but now I’m a bit less so. Strong eight, still, but I’m really coming to think that war games aren’t perhaps my thing after all. Lots of rules, yet the game is in the end not particularly challenging. That is, there are games that pack more punch to shorter timeframe and less complicated rules. The narrative aspect doesn’t do it for me enough, I suppose. Still, I like this, but I don’t think I’m going to buy every CC game in the system. Maybe CC:Med, but I’m not even sure about that.

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2 responses to “Hot games for Q1/2007”

  1. Did you say you were working on a book a while back? If so, how about giving us an update?
    Yeah, I think you should buy Blue Moon City. Such a beautiful game, quick and tense. I can let you in on my variants that make it more fun if you’re interested.

  2. Yes, the book is done, and now I’m just waiting to see the finished product. That should happen in few weeks. I’ll post more then, and probably write something on the Boardgame News as well.
    Let me hear those BMC variants, I’m definitely interested.