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  • Gaming year 2008

    So, how was the year? Pretty wild, if you ask me. (See Gaming Year 2007.) Good new games (2007-2008 games) Dominion — Well, I played 28 games of this, and most of them outside BrettSpielWelt. That’s a pretty nice number, considering how late this game arrived. Everybody likes it, or at least doesn’t mind playing […]

  • Gaming year 2007

    Another year of games is soon over. Gaming year 2006 was good, but I think this one was even better! At least in quality, not necessarily in quantity… Good new games (2006-2007 games) Agricola — This year brought two very good games, worthy of top-10 or even top-5 spot on my personal ratings. Agricola is […]

  • Hot games for Q1/2007

    This was a pretty quiet quarter, with basically one hot game and bunch of other games with just one play each. Previous quarter was a tad more active. Combat Commander: Europe — The obvious one. I was enthusiastic, but now I’m a bit less so. Strong eight, still, but I’m really coming to think that […]

  • Games day with Tommy

    As the tradition goes (last year, the year before that, the weekend before that, the year before that…), I met Tommy for a day of games. So, this year it was just me and him, and just a single day. It was great fun nonetheless. We kicked off with 1860: Railways on the Isle of […]

  • Combat Commander: Europe

    Review of Combat Commander: Europe in Finnish. I’m definitely an eurogamer — fond of fairly simple games that manage to create complex gameplay from a small ruleset. Yet sometimes I want more. This has been particularly true for war games: Memoir ’44 is fun, but ultimately not enough. In the other hand, Advanced Squad Leader […]

  • Fighting for the chateau

    I met Olli over Combat Commander: Europe yesterday. If I count solo games, this was my fifth game so far. I’ve played the first four scenarios and one randomly-generated (had to try it; the generator is easy to use and works well). Scenario four has a group of Germans holding a Belgian chateau against Americans. […]

  • First impressions of Combat Commander

    My copy of Combat Commander: Europe arrived on Monday and after evening spent with a knife cutting off the counters, I got the game ready to play. I met Olli yesterday for a quick battle. We played the first scenario, a simple meeting engagement between small Russian and German forces. Explaining the rules to Olli […]

  • Latest crush

    I’ve got this thing with war games. I’d like to have a tactical level war game in my collection. I like Memoir ’44, it works well for what it tries to be, but I’d like something with more detail, more story to it. However, Advanced Squad Leader and other games like it are way too […]