Silence coming

I haven’t been terribly busy blogging here anyway, but I think I’ll warn you now: next year is likely to be the quietest so far for Gameblog. The first half or so, anyway, since our second child is due early January. In less than a month, that is!

That, of course, is totally cool and I’m more than a bit thrilled about it. The new family member is most welcome: we can then play four-player games, once the kids grow up a bit. For now, though, I believe my gaming time will be somewhat limited. Nooa didn’t hurt my game hobby a lot — quite the contrary, since I started the weekly game sessions last year — but I’m afraid the second child will change that.

Well, that’s temporary, like most things with kids. To be honest, I’m not that excited about the little baby phase. Nooa, our charming first-born is now 2.5 years old and rather chatty little fellow. I like that, much more fun than a small baby, however cute babies are.

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One response to “Silence coming”

  1. Good luck with that!
    We found that baby #2 had a much bigger impact on our ability to go out (or to stay in) than baby #1. And when one parent is out, the other is outnumbered.
    Of course, there are good things too 🙂