First game of the year: Blue Moon

Blue Moon cover

Year 2009 started with Blue Moon, which I had apparently skipped both in 2008 and 2007 — my previous session is from December 2006. That is so long ago I didn’t even have the cover picture here in my blog archives…

I played with Olli, who has just recently moved to Kaukajärvi. So, instead of making my way to the city center (I live in the Tampere suburbs), we met at the Kaukajärvi library. I had some trouble deciding which games to take with me, but at the last moment I remembered Blue Moon and that was all we needed for our two-hour session.

We had time for six rounds, which was enough to see every deck in play. I dominated the first three rounds, then Olli remembered how the game is played and kicked my butt for the next three rounds. A nice, balanced result. It was interesting to see the Buka invasion in action — I haven’t used them a lot — and they are, really, an interesting bunch. They do stand out from the other decks with their special abilities. Slightly complicated, but worth it, I’d say…

Olli was interested in further quick short-notice two-player sessions, which suits me fine, as getting to a proper game meeting might be tricky at times with the two kids, while a quick meeting at the library is much easier. Going to the university meets takes almost an hour in bus travels, while I can walk to the library and back in less than five minutes.

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