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I’m not interested in buying lots of games, but as time goes by, my list of games I’d like to get slowly grows. It’s now big enough for a blog post…

  • Samarkand: Routes to Riches is the new Queen-produced family version of Winsome’s Age of Scheme. I’ve missed Age of Scheme, but it sounds like a good game. I don’t mind that Samarkand is lightened family version, because I have enough hard core games, but not many games that would work with less experienced gamers. So, Samarkand sounds like a good thing.
  • Age of Industry comes from the other side of the great Bohrer/Wallace divide. I’ve completely missed Brass, which Age of Industry re-implements. Now’s the time, I think! This is pretty much a must buy, especially as this one seems to do good things for Brass.
  • London is another game from Treefrog and sounds intriguing as well. This one’s coming later this year, so I might pick this up from Essen. I’m definitely not placing a Treefrog subscription, because I’m not interested in A Few Acres of Snow, the third game in the subscription.
  • New England Rails is a new train game coming from Rio Grande. An interview at Boardgame News makes this one sound very good. A train game, but running other businesses is more important while rails are needed to get the most of other stuff. Could be welcome change for Winsome/AoS/18xx train games. Most likely a must-buy. The name’s a tad confusing — I can’t remember whether New England Railways is Rails or Railways, but from now on if I get it wrong, I’ll hit another game!
  • Workshop of the World is a new game from Ragnar Brothers, mirroring the idea of Brass (first canals, then railroads — Age of Industry, by the way, loses the canals). This should be pretty tight game, the design notes certainly sound interesting.
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One response to “Shopping list”

  1. Update on the shopping list: Samarkand has arrived and looks great. It’s kind of like Preußische Ostbahn, but without auctions. I’d say it’s a good game for casual gamers and if it really plays in 30 minutes, that just might make it a good for gamers as well.