Category: Statistical lunacy

  • Game stat maths

    I have an Excel spread-sheet where I record the games I play, noting the amount of players and the number of games I’ve won. I count month totals, happiness product and winning percentages. It’s an essential part of my game hobby, keeping track of it all. Lately I’ve been fiddling about with performance measures. Amount […]

  • Growing old and bitter

    I went through my Boardgamegeek ratings and updated them a bit. Seems I’m becoming more critical: my average rating went down from 7.30 to 6.99. Quite a few games dived from 7 to 4, for example. It was an interesting exercise…

  • My own Boardgamegeek

    Recently I’ve been working on a dear project of mine: boardgame club stats service. It’s in Finnish, unfortunately. Still, go see it and try clicking the link “Lista peleistä, for example to see how it works. That’s the list of games. “Lista pelaajista” is a list of players. It began with the very basics: a […]

  • Games to play list 1/03

    I calculated some numbers from game stats. First, I joined my 2001 and 2002 stats in a single Excel table to get more data to work on… I had this idea: I should do a list of games I like and haven’t played in a while. All I needed was a formula to get me […]

  • Year 2002 board game club stats

    I also keep the statistics for our board game club. I think it’s interesting to know what games are played (and by whom, but that is of minor interest). Of course, you can keep track of the stats in real time at the web site, but here’s a review of the last year’s numbers. Number […]

  • Gaming year 2002 — the statistical review

    I love keeping the statistics for the games I play. I like toying around with the numbers, seeing how they go. Of course, the biggest rewards come when you can make deeper, more complete analysis. Changing of the year is a natural time for that. I can make a fairly complete review of the past […]

  • New features at game profiler

    I got very good and constructive feedback from Iain Cheyne and have now started to implement his ideas to the Game Profiler. At the moment they are concentrated on the users’ side. It’s now possible to leave fields empty. As a default, the system gives results from the top 100 list only. If you want, […]

  • Game profiler beta

    A beta version of the game profiler is available. Try it out and tell me what you think about it. New additions include ability to choose whether something is more or less important to you, making it weigh more or less, respectively, in the final results. I think the user interface looks nice, but tell […]

  • Gamer profile system moves on

    Another day at work coming to an end and some more work done on the project (my job is mostly waiting for someone to call me and ask me to help them — happens maybe once every two days or so). It’s starting to shape up. And the project has attracted some interest (as you […]

  • Request for comments

    The profile project moves on. I got a list of game names from Aaron Fuegi’s great Top 100 list, so that’s one thing less to do. Thanks to Aaron! First move is to get the games graded. I’ve been working on that today. The first version of the form is out there for you to […]