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  • BSW games: Web of Power and Puerto Rico

    I played some games just minutes ago at the Brettspielwelt. First, two games of Web of Power — lost first trying to get advisors in a three-player game and then won the second game (which was very tough and exciting match) using only cloisters. Then, I played a game of Puerto Rico. Yet again, my […]

  • Puerto Rico opponents at BSW

    Remember how I was lamenting how I never placed any better than second when playing Puerto Rico in Brettspielwelt? Now I know why. I just checked, and for example, this guy shlimazl, who won me, has played over 500 games of Puerto Rico at the BSW and has won over 50% of them. Nice…

  • Puerto Rico at BSW

    I played two games of Puerto Rico today at the Brettspielwelt. Both were quite exciting. The first one was four-player game. It was remarkably low-scoring one: winner had only 31 points. Unfortunately that winner wasn’t me. Even though I had whopping 24 colonists and fortress too, I was only able to tie with the winner […]

  • Puerto Rico at BSW

    No matter what I do, I suck when it comes to Puerto Rico. I played another 3-player game at BSW and this time I was last. It was reasonably close, however: 35-37-40. I’ve used similar tactic very much lately, perhaps I should change it… As usual, I got Hospice and Construction Hut and got four […]

  • Carcassonne at BSW

    I went today to BSW to play Tichu which I’ve decided to learn. However, unlike usually, there was only one Tichu player there. So, unwilling to leave empty-handed, I played a two-player game of an old favourite, Carcassonne. It was a very good game. The result says it all: I won 108-105! It was very […]

  • BSW gaming: Puerto Rico

    Another game of Puerto Rico at BSW — it seems quite easy to pick up PR games there, like it used to be easiest to get Carcassonne games earlier. And yet again, I did not win. I got a really bad start — I did buy Hospice on the first round, but failed to get […]

  • BSW session

    I play at BrettSpielWelt every now and then (my name there is Mikko) and today was one of those occasions. I played two games of Puerto Rico and a game of TransAmerica. Both of the Puerto Rico games were three-player games. First one ended before I noticed — I was a victim of the confusing […]

  • Games I’ve played recently

    Few words on some games I’ve played recently: Two days ago I tried out Puerto Rico in the Brettspielwelt, the German online board game server. Puerto Rico must’ve been a tough conversion, but they’ve done reasonable job cramming all that information on such a small screen. The building menu is hidden well and can’t be […]