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  • St. Petersburg on BSW

    St. Petersburg is available on Brettspielwelt. It was predictable: it’s such an obvious BSW game. I played my first game today, just to try it out. There’s no English version yet, but that’s hardly necessary as only the card names are different. The interface is fairly good, though it was hard to notice whose turn […]

  • San Juan fever

    Yeah, more San Juan at BrettSpielWelt. This time I played three games: once with two, three and four players. I won the two-player game! It was a snappy game, clocking in below seven and half minutes. I did phenomenally bad in the other two games. At least I think I’ve finally learned that it’s not […]

  • San Juan

    I popped in BSW for few rounds of San Juan. I lost both games I played, so obviously I haven’t quite figured out the strategies yet. That’s nothing new — it took me quite the while to understand Puerto Rico. I hope San Juan is less complicated. Fun it is, that’s for sure. Both games […]

  • More San Juan

    I’m back at BrettSpielWelt, it seems. The new user interface changes have made it more pleasant to use, so I might start visiting the place more often. Today I popped in three times. First time all I played was two rounds of Lost Cities. It was bit quiet and also the server restarted right after […]

  • Puerto Rico at BSW

    It’s been a while since I last visited BrettSpielWelt. Today I did go there and ended up in a game of Puerto Rico. That’s fine with me, though I’d like to try games like Yinsh, Tongiaki or San Juan. However, I don’t know the rules and I’m too modest to ask someone to teach me […]

  • Puerto Rico at BSW

    It’s been a while since I last played at Brettspielwelt. Today I decided to check it out. After wondering about the new interface (as reported by Gameblogger: Bye Bye Blue Ball), I got into a Puerto Rico game. It didn’t go too well for me. I lost the game, with scores of 50-51-59-69. My critical […]

  • Ra

    I wanted to play some games this morning. I first went to check out the Gang of Four web site, but I was the only player present there. Thus I went to Brettspielwelt. I couldn’t find any games of Puerto Rico or Attika, so I settled with Ra. I won the first game. My first […]

  • Attika at BSW

    Determined to get Attika on my fives and tens list this year, I played two rounds at the Brettspielwelt. Attika is certainly an interesting two-player game! The first game I played was an embarrassing five-minute disaster — my opponent blitzed to connect the two shrines. The second game went better, but it’s still very obvious […]

  • Games played today: Attika and Go

    I played some more Attika today on BSW. This time it was a three-player game, which I managed to win by building my 30 buildings first. It was a much longer game than the two before — 70 minutes as compared to the 20 minutes games I played earlier. One of my opponents played for […]

  • Attika

    I played two games of Attika at the Brettspielwelt a moment ago. Let’s start with BSW — it’s changed a lot since I was there last time. For the better, I think. It seems slightly easier to use now, the menus are more understandable. Attika user interface was easy enough to use. Having a big […]