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  • Margin for Error preview

    I got a copy of Margin for Error, the first game from Sagely Games, to test. Unfortunately I can’t see myself having an opportunity to test the game in near future, so I thought I’d write a bit of a preview based on the rules. The game is familiar enough, so I’m quite confident of […]

  • Frank’s Zoo

    I notice I have reviewed Frank’s Zoo a long time ago on my Finnish site, yet a review hasn’t appeared here. Let’s fix that. Frank’s Zoo (aka Zoff im Zoo) is a climbing game with a twist. The animal theme is obvious, considering the authors: the Frank in the title is the game designer Frank […]

  • Drahtseilakt

    Knizia’s Drahtseilakt reviewed in Finnish. Drahtseilakt is a Knizia trick-taking game from 1999, republished in 2004 as Relationship Tightrope by Überplay. This review is based on the original German edition. Based on pictures, the new edition looks great, but I find the new theme of relationship stereotypes slightly offending and a definite turn-off. Balancing act […]

  • Touché

    This Finnish review of Touché has been up for a while. Well, better later than never… Touché is a simple game, where players are trying to form patterns on the board. Each round is play a card, draw a card, until someone forms a pattern. All pieces except those on the pattern are removed and […]

  • Touché

    Since I got it, I might as well try it, right — so we cracked open my brand-new copy of Touché. The game is simple enough: play card to place a token on a matching square on board. The goal is to create three formations of your pieces. First player to do that wins. We […]

  • For Sale

    Another review from my Finnish site: For Sale. Stefan Dorra’s For Sale is definitely one of the better small auction games. It’s a two-part deal that’s done in about fifteen minutes. Two rounds of bidding In the first round, players use their initial stock of coins to buy houses (cards with values from 1 to […]

  • Diabolo

    Here’s a review of Diabolo in Finnish. Diabolo is a light-weight card game from Michael Schacht, the designer of Coloretto, one of the more popular filler card games. Diabolo is a struggle between heaven and hell. Players play cards on the table trying to influence the five colours in game. Cards can be played on […]

  • Havoc: The Hundred Years War

    Here’s a review some of my readers have been waiting for: Havoc: The Hundred Years War. That’s the Finnish review, here’s my opinion in English: I first played Havoc: The Hundred Years War at the Sunriver Games demo table in Essen 2005. It was on my list of games to check out and I enjoyed […]

  • Gargon

    A review of Gargon is up on my site. Gargon by Rüdiger Dorn is a small card game from Amigo. Gargon is one of those kind of traditional, yet quirky games. The idea is basically a trick-taking game, but it would stretch the definition of trick-taking to fully include Gargon in that lot. Weird ideas […]

  • Blue Moon

    Blue Moon is a fantasy world developed by Reiner Knizia and at the same time the first game set in that world. A board game is on the way, so it won’t remain the only Blue Moon game for a long time. Gotta get them all Blue Moon is about eight different peoples, all mixed […]