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  • Diplomacy

    I’m playing Diplomacy again. For the last two years or so I have mostly focused on GMing and I haven’t had a real need to play the game. It just doesn’t fit my personality, I think… Well, now I’m playing again. I’ve been running games of Necromancer, which is a Diplomacy variant set in the […]

  • Rule Britannia!

    A long PBEM game of Britannia is finally over. The first Roman assault was launched 29.11.2001 and today, I finally published the last results on the game website. Sure, it was insane. We had too long delays while we were playing; I participated in the 2001 World E-mail Championship and those games had GMs to […]

  • Ruling the Ricochet Robot

    It’s 9:42 AM in the USA, 190 players have already completed the daily Ricochet Robot puzzle and I’m still number one! I knew I found a good solution (I’d say optimal) and fairly fast, too, but it’s still hard to believe.

  • Ricochet Robot

    I’m addicted. Ricochet Robot is my favourite puzzle game. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to find opponents good enough, as it is a game where newbie has little chance against a seasoned veteran. The new brains simply doesn’t function fast enough compared to RR-tuned brains. Well, there’s a solution: Online Ricochet Robot. There’s a daily […]

  • What’s new

    I’ve been doing lots of stuff lately, just haven’t had time to document it here. I’ve played T&E at BGG, bought games, written about games and so on… I lost my first game of Tigris & Euphrates at the BoardGameGeek. I had no chance, as I had short supply of red tiles and did some […]

  • T&E Play-by-email at BGG

    I’ve started to play Tigris & Euphrates at the Boardgamegeek. The interface is pretty ok — if you have decent Internet connection. It is quite heavy, so modem users might want to skip this one. However, if you’re not afraid of slow loading, feel free to challenge me to games. My Geek id is msaari. […]

  • Summer of abstract gaming

    If I had to define the theme of this summer, it’s been abstract gaming. I was looking for something to do with my e-mail as I was constantly connected at work. Well, I found PBEM games. I’ve played many games now on Richard’s PBeM Server. The interface is quite nice and the games have been […]