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  • Ticket to Ride online

    I just finished a game of Ticket to Ride at the Finnish game site Voitta.net. The game is called Wanderer there, but it’s Ticket to Ride. The game mode is turn-based play-by-web. The site is Finnish and English and I think you can play the game without knowing any Finnish — the rules are available […]

  • Dvonn strategy

    I’m determined to learn Dvonn. Therefore I dug out some strategy guides. There are some basic tips and Alan Kwan’s glossary, both at Project Gipf site. There’s also Joe Gola’s very detailed session report at the Geek. I sure hope these help me improve my game. If I played more of two-player games, Dvonn would […]

  • Diplomacy PBeM game

    Iain wants to play Diplomacy. After a long time with no touch to Diplomacy, I’m actually interested to give it a go, too. However, finding a game isn’t that simple and it looks like we’ll have to arrange one. So, I thought the readers of this blog should include at least some people who’d like […]

  • Little Golem news

    Iain got me playing Dvonn — I’ve been meaning to, but I have lacked motivation. Now I started and hey, it’s a good game. Right now it ranks second in the Project GIPF games, right after Zèrtz. I’m still to finish a game, so my opinion is still slightly vague. Meanwhile, I’ve figured out I […]

  • Exciting times at Little Golem

    I’m currently having very exciting time. I’m playing in the Little Golem StreetSoccer championship. My goal was not to be demoted to fifth level, but since the championship started, I’ve learned how to play, my rating has climbed up to mid-1500s and it looks like I might actually get a promotion to the third level. […]

  • Games ahead

    It’s been quiet recently. My gaming activities have been more focused on the console games side, but hey, things are heating up here as well. Next weekend I’m heading to Jyväskylä to see my mother and Ismo and as usual, games are in schedule. I’m looking forward to finally try Fifth Avenue, but I suppose […]

  • Power Grid and StreetSoccer

    First: this is entry #500. Now that’s something. I dropped by Brettspielwelt today to play some games. My main interest was to try StreetSoccer in realtime after playing so much of it in Little Golem. It was fun, though I don’t like the BSW interface. I’d like to have a neat and clear 2d board […]

  • Little Golem

    I recently registered at Little Golem. It’s a play-by-web site featuring a selection of games. StreetSoccer should be of interest to some (looks like Iain tried it), I’m there mostly to play Go. The interface is inferior to my regular haunt, Dragon Go Server, but Little Golem has something Dragon still hasn’t: well-organised tournaments. Little […]

  • Month of Wallenstein

    Our game of Wallenstein ended after about a month of play. I came third. Winner was, unsurprisingly, the only player who had played before. My placing was pretty good, considering I didn’t really understand the game (for example, I had no clue of the scoring). It was ok, but I don’t think I’ll play the […]

  • SpielByWeb Wallenstein

    We started a game of Wallenstein at SpielByWeb. Iain said it’s good, I’ve been interested in the game and somebody suggested starting a game at Pelilista, so why not! So far the implementation looks well done. I haven’t really figured out the game, but it’s a practise round… If you’re interested to see how I’m […]