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A PayPal donation button has appeared in the bottom of the page (I guess regular readers wouldn’t have even noticed it if I hadn’t mentioned it). It doesn’t mean you have to pay to read this stuff. This blog will never be for subscribers only. There will be no extra service for paying customers. If I can’t offer it for free, I won’t offer it at all.

Still, there’s a PayPal donation button on the front page. If you think I am doing a good job, providing you entertainment and information and you want to reward me, you can send me e-mail and thank me. That’s one way. You can also comment my entries, that’s good one too. If you want, now you can also drop me an euro or two, perhaps.

If I pay you, where will the money go, someone might want to know. Well. I’m looking for a way to get the money to get me a MySQL database (which would cost me 100 euros/year), that’s one goal. Or then I’ll just waste it all on games! Which, of course, means more stuff for you to read.

So, all this fuss is just to make my point clear: I’m not going to charge money for reading this web site but if you want to support me monetarily, you can.

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2 responses to “PayPal button”

  1. As some very enlightened people have figured out, a very good way to support me is to send me games! Publishers take notice, this is a prime opportunity to get some publicity for your games… But even if you’re not a publisher and you just happen to have games you don’t care to own anymore, contact me for more details. I’m probably interested!

  2. Uh, MySQL is free! So, I am curious why you need money for that anyway. I like the site, however, and am going to link to you from my board games blog.