Ta Yü and blog technicalities

I wrote a short review of Ta Yü yesterday and that inspired me to play a game. I played with Johanna and she beat me… But it was pretty close, just 25-21. It’s interesting how we both had ten connections, but as she had 5×5 and I had 3×7, she won. The scoring system is really rather simple but also very clever.

We were playing in less-than-optimal environment, so I didn’t bother with laying out the tiles, we just drew from the bag. I didn’t miss the chance to pick a tile marked with circles, at least much.

I did some changes to my blog roll on the sidebar. It’s now provided by Bloglines, which is a pretty neat service. I added a subscription link on the sidebar, as well. I highly recommend you check it out, if you’re still reading this blog and others in the old-fashioned way.

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2 responses to “Ta Yü and blog technicalities”

  1. My group always preferred playing by drawing from the bag, because building the so-called “cube” stack of tiles had the problem that you could see the marks on the edges of the tiles, making it sometimes hard not to unintentionally cheat when choosing a “random” tile from the “cube”. We also tended to play with you having one known tile out, so you either play it, then draw a new one to replace it, or you draw a random tile from bag and play it.

  2. I wouldn’t like that, because I want to see the rings on the tiles. If you don’t build a cube and just lay the tiles on the table, the problem of seeing the markings is reduced, I think.
    Of course, holding two tiles makes my problem with the random draw smaller.