Best of the two years

This blog is two years old now. It’s a fairly long time in the world of blogging, I think I read somewhere most blogs will fold in much shorter time. Hopefully Gameblog will continue for a long time.

I wanted to compile some kind of list about the best entries I’ve written. I had some suggestions.

Mikko, the King of Scotland is an account of one game of Hammer of the Scots. It’s a rare kind of session report. I usually describe games more in terms of mechanics, this is more in the story-telling vein.

Die Macher — at last! is another interesting session report and probably the most-hyped entry ever in this blog.

Lahti games weekend, Saturday and Sunday and Helcon II — Saturday are both similar session reports from cons. Richard Huzzey called the latter epic. Both were fun events, especially the Helcon. I’m unfortunately going to miss the next Lahti weekend, but this year’s Helcon is a must.

Bingo! was a bit lighter session report. It was fun, though. For the record, my beginner’s luck didn’t last: I’ve been there once or twice since and have won nothing decent.

There isn’t much about game design, Game idea is one of the few posts. I never tried the idea, which Richard Huzzey nonetheless found fascinating.

My Die Macher is coming to me is certainly in the lighter end of the scale, but it’s a fun entry, in a style I like doing every once in a while. It’s that kind of chatty style which sets this blog apart from my other, more formal games page.

Happiness is a strange idea. I’d like to add Game stat maths, which documents similar madness. That’s the really geeky part of the blog.

Iain wanted to point out my experience with Who wants to be a millionaire? Quiz shows, part two is probably the best starting point for those affairs (see related entries for more).

And of course, A new beginning, the first entry of the blog.

I suppose these sum up what’s been going on. If anybody has more suggestions from the first 500 entries, I’ll update the list.

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  1. I think I was so intrigued at the idea of using Mahjong tiles as components, as I’ve been spending so much time doing a game with dominoes recently!