Gone Fishing, Catan, Niagara

A bunch of games played recently:

I played a game of Gone Fishing! with Johanna on Friday. She proved to be a superior fisher. Of 31 possible fish points, she got 26. I fished after her, so I could tally my score against hers, but woe, I ended up eight points short. I was rather pleased with the game, it’s a light game but fun to play.

Yesterday I was playing games with Marektoy buys, who wanted me to teach them the games they sell. We didn’t play most of the games, but instead went through the rules and the most interesting aspects of them.

We did play Settlers of Catan. I’m a bit shocked, actually — last time I played Catan was almost three years ago, when I tried Cities & Knights, which left me mentally bruised. The strange bit: I actually enjoyed the game. It was exciting, and fun. I won, which certainly helps, but it wasn’t that straightforward. My final turn, when I plonked down a road to steal back the longest road and upgraded a town was a great moment. Perhaps I should punch out my new Finnish copy and actually play the game once in a while?

Niagara was another game we tried. Second time I played with the correct rules (well, almost — I forgot the bit about using only seven jewels, but it didn’t matter in this game), second time I won. Again I managed to collect five different jewels. It’s fun, and works well with three players.

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  1. With regard to the Settlers of Catan, we share the same experience. I have actually not been playing the game for about 5 years. I bought the 10 year anniversary version recently and introduced the game to my gaming group (the others had never played it before). Even for me, it was highly enjoyable after such a long time. The game really has earned its success if it is so fascinating even after 10 years…