Thanks, Alfred. After reading that, I’m not sure I can hold off from getting a 18xx game anymore.

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5 responses to “18xx”

  1. I’m thinking about one of the smaller sets: 18AL, 18GA or 18VA. I’ve already made inquiries on the availability of 18AL. Those seem more interesting than the bigger games. I don’t want a six-hour game, because I don’t think that can compare to a two games of Age of Steam, besides I’ll never get to play a six-hour game… Even if I have a chance at a con, I’d rather play two three-hour games.
    But something that’s playable in less than three hours could be a refreshing alternative to Age of Steam.

  2. The 18xx games have piqued my interest, and hopefully I can find the time to read through the entire BGG thread. I know there are some 18xx fans in the Dallas Gamers group, but they’re so fanatical that I wonder what their attitude about teaching new players would be.

  3. Decision made: I have ordered 18VA from Deep Thought Games. I should get it at Essen (I’m not going, though) and thus be able to test it at Helcon, if everything works out fine.