New look

Gameblog turns five this month. Five years! That’s almost ancient when it comes to web sites. To celebrate the blog’s advanced age, I decided to give it a bit of a makeover — after all, it has looked pretty much the same for the whole five years. Hope you like it, I think it looks a lot more modern than the old look. If you notice something odd going on, missing stuff or so, please let me know.

This new look is courtesy of Movable Type 4, the brand-new version of my favourite blogging platform. The new version is packed with interesting features and free for personal use — if you’re looking for a good blogging platform, Movable Type is an excellent choice.

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2 responses to “New look”

  1. The new look is great!
    It’s been great reading your blog, hope you have the time to keep writing for next five years as well!