Category: Less about games

  • Game profiler beta

    A beta version of the game profiler is available. Try it out and tell me what you think about it. New additions include ability to choose whether something is more or less important to you, making it weigh more or less, respectively, in the final results. I think the user interface looks nice, but tell […]

  • Actual gaming going on, maybe

    Instead of just working on the profiler (which I haven’t touched today — I’ve decided to wait for some feedback and perhaps some registered raters, and won’t do anything, at least for few days), I’ve been doing something to get to play games! So, I’ve invited some friends to a cafe to play some card […]

  • Gamer profile system moves on

    Another day at work coming to an end and some more work done on the project (my job is mostly waiting for someone to call me and ask me to help them — happens maybe once every two days or so). It’s starting to shape up. And the project has attracted some interest (as you […]

  • Request for comments

    The profile project moves on. I got a list of game names from Aaron Fuegi’s great Top 100 list, so that’s one thing less to do. Thanks to Aaron! First move is to get the games graded. I’ve been working on that today. The first version of the form is out there for you to […]

  • Gamer profile

    I’m always trying to come up with new ideas to develop our gaming group. To help newcomers find their future favourite games, I’ve come up with this idea (actually, it’s stolen from someone on the Spielfrieks list) of gamer profiles and matching games to gamers. I’ve graded all the games on five categories: luck element, […]

  • Happiness

    I thought I wasn’t quite that crazy to count the happiness product of my games played, but it turns out I was. Of course, I count all the games I play. I have also graded every game on a scale of 1-10. Now the obvious step is to count which game has produced most enjoyment: […]