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  • Baby #2 is out!

    The most-anticipated release of the year is now out! Baby number two turned out to be a girl (ok, so we knew it in advance, but didn’t tell anybody!) and is doing fine. Johanna is also doing fine, much better than after the first time. This one was much quicker, so quick I almost missed […]

  • Board game designs by Sampo Sikiö

    Sampo Sikiö did the really cool redesigns of Preußische Ostbahn and Wabash Cannonball, but it doesn’t stop there. Go take a look at some real talent! His Flickr photostream has more pictures of his work and also general photography, while his homebrew games portfolio displays more of his work with board games. The Winsome game […]

  • Season’s greetings

    Finnish Board Game Society wishes Merry Christmas to everybody. Sampo Sikiö did a great job with the greeting card, so I wanted to share it here:

  • Another new project of mine: Mahjong-opas

    Since the Finnish mahjong resources are so scarce, I wanted to fix that. Thus, Mahjong-opas was born. Currently the site has some basic information on mahjong and the rules to the Chinese Official game and Riichi, but more will come — while it probably won’t be another Sloperama Mahjong FAQ, I’m interested in developing this […]

  • My latest project: Board Game Auctions

    I came up with this idea of creating a site for board game related eBay auctions. It took me quite a while to get the thing up and running, busy as I am these days, but finally — after some pruning of unnecessary stuff — I got to a point where I can just publish […]

  • Co-operative Settlers of Catan

    Settlers of Catan meets M.U.L.E. in Seize Life! describes a M.U.L.E.-inspired variant of Catan where players must co-operate and win together: In M.U.L.E. the player are all in coopertition, cooperative competition. They are colonists trying to make good for themselves but also must help their fellow players. At a certain time “those in charge” return […]

  • Chris Farrell is back!

    One of my favourite bloggers, Chris Farrell, is back! His new blog is called Illuminating Games. His insights on Glory to Rome are interesting, especially considering I just bought the game (I’m hoping to play it next Thursday, we’ll see).

  • W. Eric Martin’s 40 thoughts

    W. Eric Martin’s Forty Thoughts on Gamers and Gaming is something worth reading.

  • Game timer

    Remember the online Chess timer I mentioned before? It was discussed on the Finnish Board Game Society forums and the lack of multi-player option was noted. Well, it didn’t take many days before Zumba Gametimer was online. Check it out, if you need a multi-player timer.

  • Two nice GeekLists

    The Generic GeekList — The only GeekList you’ll ever need. Images for Desktop Wallpaper — Need desktop wallpapers? Sorry, the Generic GeekList won’t help, but this one will!