Category: Outside world

  • Chess Timer

    Jonathan Rose has done a pretty neat JavaScript Chess Timer. It’s easy to use, looks neat and seems to work pretty well (haven’t tried it in action, though).

  • GeekList: Builders vs warriors

    I did a GeekList: So, who else is a builder? It’s about how building stuff is what makes me happy in games. Take a look, comment and add!

  • Interview and a review

    Boardgaming Finland podcast interviewed me and reviewed my book in their latest episode. Unfortunately the interview and review are in Finnish, but if you understand Finnish and want to hear someone else’s opinion of the book, Cane’s review is definitely worth listening (it helps he gives the book an excellent review).

  • Games in Finnish

    I updated my GeekList Gamer’s games published in Finnish — it’s been a while since the last update, I had quite a few games to add. It’s now 139 titles long, and features such games as Modern Art, Chinatown, Bausack, Gulo Gulo, Wits & Wagers, Qwirkle… Pretty cool.

  • Black Vienna

    My homemade minimalist Black Vienna set is available at BoardGameGeek, thanks to prodding from Iain. I like it myself, a lot, it’s very black letters on white background, no-nonsense no-theme approach to the game.

  • Agricola and aboutness

    Agricola gets an update. The family board gets a new action and the day labourer action is altered. The new action (which goes in the empty spot on the family game board) is “Build stables and/or bake bread” and the day labourer now produces one food and one wood, clay, stone or reed. Also, the […]

  • Recommend me blogs to read

    I just moved my blog subscriptions from Bloglines to Google Reader, because Bloglines blanked out yesterday — no updates on any blogs at all. It seems to work now, but perhaps I’ll try something else for a while. Changing readers is fortunately very simple, as all good feed readers use standard export/import tools. The compatibility […]

  • Purple Pawn

    Yehuda keeps busy with blogging. His latest project is the game news web site Purple Pawn. He covers board and card games. I’ve added his newsfeed on my side bar, so check it out. Apparently he’s looking for news editors, so if you’re interested, get in touch with him.

  • Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries for sale

    After seeing the prices Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries goes for in eBay, I decided this was an opportunity I probably shouldn’t miss (an opportunity to help my fellow geeks, that is). So, I’ve got one for sale myself: Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries (or Menolippu Pohjoismaat, to be exact). Starting price is $49.99, shipping […]

  • Agricola review

    Maik Hennebach’s The two player game and a look under the hood is an excellent review of Agricola. It describes the game well and is entertaining to read; all in all, it’s one of the very best board game reviews I’ve ever read.