Games ahead

It’s been quiet recently. My gaming activities have been more focused on the console games side, but hey, things are heating up here as well. Next weekend I’m heading to Jyväskylä to see my mother and Ismo and as usual, games are in schedule. I’m looking forward to finally try Fifth Avenue, but I suppose we’ll be playing something else, as well.

I’ve been quite active on Little Golem, playing in lots of tournaments. It’s perfect activity to kill time with when it’s slow at work (like right now). Recently I’ve tried to learn TwixT, but I’m still quite baffled. One thing I know: I can recognise a situation where I can’t win. I know lots of positions where I can’t block my opponent and thus the games usually end quite soon in my resignation. I just can’t figure it out, it seems.

I’ve played lots of StreetSoccer and I’ve certainly enjoyed it. I’ve been losing a lot, but I think my rating is now slowly taking some wind under it’s wings. I’m winning games! I’m currently playing in the championship tournament on the 4th level (there are five levels) and my goal is humble: avoid demotion to the 5th level. I think I should be able to do that, but getting a promotion to the 3th level is going to be a bigger challenge I’ll leave to the next championship tournament.

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