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  • Mystery order part 2

    As told before, I ordered a copy of Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper from Leisure Games. I was getting worried when I didn’t get it or hear anything from them, as they’ve been very fast before. Turns out they don’t have the game anymore and they had e-mailed me about it. I must’ve missed the […]

  • Mystery order

    I went and ordered Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper from Leisure Games. I’ve wanted it for long, but finally got around to actually buy it. I could’ve ordered it from Fantasiapelit, but I didn’t. Compare this: the game costs about 12 euros at Leisure Games and about 14 euros at Fantasiapelit. If I lived in […]

  • Poker Dice

    Tactic has new tin can games. These games are small travel games, and the set includes Poker dice, Yahtzee, Dominoes, Rummy and Bingo. The Rummy tiles look bizarre and Yahtzee is totally useless, but I went and bought the Poker dice set, mostly because of Dice Games Properly Explained and the way it mentions how […]

  • Games arrived!

    Our Adam Spielt order arrived today! It was a bloody hard work, hauling that 13.9 kilos of games in a fairly large box all the way from the post office (what, it was at least 500 meters or so!). It took exactly a week for the package to arrive, which is what I expected. They […]

  • Puolenkuun pelit

    Finnish gamers might want to check out the Lahti-based game store Puolenkuun pelit. Their website has nice, bright colours and perhaps a bit annoying design, but they do have some good board games in stock (however, I don’t know about their level of service; I’d guess it’s decent, at least they seem to have some […]

  • Games I’d like to buy

    There are three big games I’d really, really like to get right now: Amun-Re, the new Knizia game. Akke Monasso’s first impressions -article sounds very good. Seems promising! Age of Steam is long and complicated, but still it tempts me. Heavy decision-making with severely limited resources is always a good combination. Löwenherz / Domaine — […]

  • Got some games

    I think I mentioned an Adam Spielt order two weeks ago… Well, I got the games yesterday: Sticheln and Bohnanza. So no Wizard for me! Reason for that is the simple fact that Wizard is easily played with the Sticheln deck as it only adds four Wizards and four Jesters to the standard deck — […]

  • Die Macher — finally

    I don’t remember when I first got interested about Die Macher. It’s appreciated a lot in some circles, at least. For example, its ID number in the Boardgamegeek database is 1, it was the first game ever to be entered there. Don’t know if that’s a token of appreciation, I’d like to think it is. […]