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  • Gipf collection complete

    With the today’s arrival of Yinsh, my Gipf collection is complete. It doesn’t include Tamsk (hard to get, not very interesting behind the time pressure) or Pünct (a connection game) or most of the extra sets (none but number two with the Zèrtz rings). Another collection was recompleted with the newfangled Buka Invasion set for […]

  • Essen bounty

    I’ve been following the Essen discussion on the Board Game Society message, and here’s my list of the new stuff I want: Der Elefant im Porzellanladen — Mandatory Amigo card game. A friend will bring this to me to pay back a favour. Null & Nichtig was also on my list, but the same friend […]

  • New Age of Steam maps

    Like I need more temptations: Bézier Games has published two new Age of Steam maps: London and Sun. Both are designed by JC Lawrence, one of the more interesting people in the web board game scene. The maps seem fabulous, both offering tough, challenging games. Looks like there might an Essen courier available to avoid […]

  • Roads and Boats

    Woot! I’m a proud owner of a spanking new third edition Roads & Boats. Now I only need to find time to play it… And I also have to visit a fishing supply store to get some tackle boxes to sort all the bits and pieces. Just reading through the scenario book gets saliva running… […]

  • 18xx

    Thanks, Alfred. After reading that, I’m not sure I can hold off from getting a 18xx game anymore.

  • War dreams

    I must confess. The guys at the Board Game Society forums have been talking about Advanced Squad Leader a lot, particularly the starter kits. Despite what I’ve said earlier about preferring these detailed strategy games on computer, I’m feeling a small pining for something like that. EastFront is another example of games that have been […]

  • Good service from Spiele-Offensive

    I must say Spiele-Offensive gets a nod from me. I recently placed a big order (almost 600 euros) there, driven by their selection (Neuland being the biggest incentive, I mean, I thought the game was firmly in the unavailable, you’ll-never-ever-get-it category). Ordering and paying (with credit card through PayPal) was easy and their shipping costs […]

  • HABA games in Finland

    Parents of small children, note: Lahjalinna sells HABA board games in Finland. The HABA area at the Essen fair looked absolutely gorgeous. I know when we get kids, I must get some of those games.

  • Order from Milan-Spiele

    Milan-Spiele was fast! Well, GLS was. The package was sent from Germany Friday, and it came yesterday. Of course, GLS didn’t care to contact me before delivering the package, but fortunately Johanna was home. I don’t mind, since it would’ve been a pain to carry a big box like that from post office. So, I […]

  • Good offers

    As much as I wish to support the local game store, there are some offers you just can’t afford to miss. Ta Yü is a really good game that’s been either too expensive or hard to get. Now it’s neither, as just about every German online store is unloading it at 19.90 euros. Go grab […]