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  • Weekend games, photo edition

    Here are some game photos from last weekend (session report here). Most of the photos are from Flickr, as not all can be uploaded to Geek. That’s a dilemma, there – take photos of popular games, well, Geek’s full of them already. Take photos of unpopular games, and nobody’s looking at them. In any case […]

  • Gaming Year 2010

    Gaming year 2009 wasn’t terrific, but 2010 was. By numbers alone, I played a lot more games than last year. However, the biggest reason 2010 will go down in history as a good board game year was Nooa. I played well over hundred games with Nooa — actually, I played with Nooa about as much […]

  • Dominion Online

    Dominion Online at Isotropic.org is a rather cool way to play Dominion online. It’s very elegant, all monospaced text, and works like a charm. It has all cards, every card from every set and promos too. The user interface is mostly intuitive, and certainly better than what Brettspielwelt has to offer. I used it to […]

  • Dominion: Alchemy first impressions

    I played few games of Dominion: Alchemy with my brother today, using couple of the suggested sets. I’m in the camp where more cards means more diversity means more fun, and from that point of view Alchemy is pretty cool. The set has several interesting cards. The new economy with the Potions is fairly elegant. […]

  • Dominion and a book

    First, a question about Dominion. How’d you play this setup? Moat, Chapel, Cellar, Village, Thief, Feast, Moneylender, Laboratory, Witch and Adventurer. You can assume 4/3 starting hand. This is one of the setups for the Finnish Dominion Championships. I’m playing, but haven’t practised a bit, just a couple of games at BSW. I don’t like […]

  • Recent gaming: Agricola + others

    I took the kids to Jyväskylä last weekend to see their grandmother. All in all a good visit, except not quite enough sleep for me, but that’s life with toddlers. Of course, board games were involved. In addition to playing a bit of Dominion (they’ve enjoyed it a lot, I’ve given my mother both the […]

  • Gaming Year 2009

    Time for another of these yearly reports, huh (see the 2008 report). This was a fairly quiet year for games. Last year was really good, but we got the second kid this year (see Gaming impact of children)… So, from last year’s 284 plays to this year’s 130 plays and some very quiet time (just […]

  • Playing cards and Dominion

    Image via Wikipedia Here’s something geeky: an inventory of my playing cards. Tarock (54 cards) Wiener Veduten Tarock (Piatnik gift set w/ booklet) Nr. 1934 (Piatnik) Nr. 1936 (Piatnik) Das Constitutions Tarock (Piatnik) Cego (ASS) Grazer Tarock (Piatnik) Allerfeinste Kaffeehaus Tarock, nr. 1909 (Piatnik) Luxus Tarock, nr. 1903 (Piatnik) Tarot (78 cards) Versailles (Carta Mundi) […]

  • Finnish Game of the Year awards

    Finnish Game of the Year (“Vuoden peli”) awards have been given. The finalists were chosen August 5th and the winners the next day, but for some reason both weren’t published until today. Bizarre. The adult game category was won by the official prize winner of the season, Dominion. The finalists were Pandemic and Stone Age. […]

  • Dominion box

    I built myself a new box for Dominion. I found the plans in Geek, but had to fix them a bit — for one, the suggested length of 285 mm is huge, my box is slightly too short at 210 mm, correct length with Ultra Pro soft sleeves should be something like 230 mm to […]