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  • Pampas Railroads reprint

    I was pining for a copy of Pampas Railroads before. Not any more! There’s talk of a reprint! It’s P100 project, that is, if JC Lawrence can get 100 pre-orders, a reprint will be done. P100 for Pampas Railroads is where you sign up. The orders are at 40 or so at the moment, so […]

  • Trains, trains, trains

    I went and bought 1825 from BGG marketplace. It’s a full set, too, all three units (but none of the extra kits). Why? I don’t know, I suppose because it was there? Well, it does seem like an interesting game. I’ve read nice things about it from Geek and I think I might like the […]

  • In search of railroads

    If anybody has a copy of Prairie Railroads, Veld Railroads or Pampas Railroads they’re willing to sell, please let me know. As if, but doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?

  • New game buzz

    I bought some new games. Through the Ages was a must-buy after I played it with Tommy last year. I picked my copy of the second edition yesterday. A lot has been said about the production values of the new edition. I have little to add, except that it isn’t that bad and it sure […]

  • Few notes

    About 800 euros worth of board games makes a big pile. It fills two big boxes. It’s great to have delivery services that bring stuff to your door, with no extra costs. As it’s rather wet and icy outside, I’m not sure I’d be alive (or, if not else, have all my bones intact) had […]

  • Shopping for a farm

    I don’t think I can help it: I can’t wait for the English edition of Agricola to come out. All the talk of expensive euros and uncertain schedules, and all that time I could be happily playing the game with a German edition. After all, it is an excellent game and right now I have […]

  • New games in the collection

    I got my copy of Race for the Galaxy yesterday. It looks pretty nifty, though the art is perhaps a bit dark. Then again, I suppose it is dark in space… I’m glad the cards are of decent size, so they work well with card protectors — I’m hoping to play the game that much. […]

  • Latest crush

    I’ve got this thing with war games. I’d like to have a tactical level war game in my collection. I like Memoir ’44, it works well for what it tries to be, but I’d like something with more detail, more story to it. However, Advanced Squad Leader and other games like it are way too […]

  • Impulsive shopping — Hive and Looping Louie

    Got some games, on a whim. Despite my cool initial feelings towards Hive, I couldn’t resist the new bakelite edition. Just too cool, you can’t beat big, chunky pieces of plastic when it comes to board game pieces. I also bought the new edition of Looping Louie. I’m not sure if I would’ve bought it […]

  • Resisting the temptation

    Ah, BattleLore. I’ve read the reports, the blog entries, the praise. How I wish you were mine, and how I must fight this temptation… I really like Memoir ’44, and while I prefer the military theme to the fantasy (medieval warfare isn’t bad — I just get an allergic reaction when in contact with standard […]