Category: Session reports

  • Suburbian X-Wings

    Another session of Suburbia. It’s a neat game; I’ve upped my rating to 9. This time the goals shaped the game differently, and the airports I so magnificently used the last time were almost completely missing. The random tile draw really changes the game. I had a clear goal from the start: I’ll keep my […]

  • Suburbia, FrankenDie, Cardcassonne, Trivitria Up

    This year has started well: I’ve played something every day. Yesterday was our weekly game night, and otherwise I’ve played with the kids. Suburbia was very good. It’s a city-building game, where you have to create a snowball economy. Points are scored during the game and in the end from four public goals and one […]

  • Zimbabwe, Trains, Love Letter

    When I get to play The Great Zimbabwe, Trains and Love Letter on the same day, I don’t complain. I still can’t win The Great Zimbabwe, though. This time I got the Builder + Gu combo and built some craftsmen, but it didn’t work out well. On the other hand, I did make good money with my craftsmen, so […]

  • Trains, Trick of the Rails and Love Letter

    Let’s try this crazy thing of posting about games as soon as I’ve played them. Who could come up with something like that? Last week we played Trains with the new Nagoya map. That was fun, so I half-joked about doing a Tampere map. Well, it didn’t take long before I was downloading a vector drawing software […]

  • Baker Street Irregulars

    Refering, of course, to the irregularity of these blog posts. By the way – if you haven’t seen the new Sherlock tv series yet, go and watch. It’s excellent. Here’s some highlights since Ropecon: Dominant Species: The Card Game. This game wasn’t helped a bit by the fact that we had six players. The game […]

  • Ropecon + some more

    Ropecon was entertaining. Good games in good company, what else can you want? Some highlights: Nine-player Eclipse with the Rise of the Ancients expansion. Lovely. Took us slightly over three hours, too, which I think is pretty cool. Ok, so I may not play any more nine-player games – it’s a bit too much, and […]

  • Automobile, Pantheon

    Last week saw two game sessions. Neat. First I visited Robert’s weekly game night on Wednesday for a game of Automobile. The guys said they took three hours to play the game the last time, but fortunately we ran through in two hours this time. Not a bad game. I played very conservatively, didn’t take […]

  • Brass and Frank’s Zoo

    I’m finally starting to figure out Brass. I’ve won the last two online games I’ve played at the Order of the Hammer and Thursday I managed a second place in a local game. The guy who won was one of the better players in our group, so I can be satisfied with that result. Of […]

  • Eclipse, Mystery Rummy

    Had to miss our board game session this week – it’s a busy week – but at least I did meet Janne at the circus school. We had more time than usual, as our kids were having a dress rehearsal for the upcoming circus show. I was expecting to be able to watch the rehearsal, […]

  • Lords of Waterdeep, Last Train to Wensleydale

    Two weeks of board games, again: Last Train to Wensleydale. This got played once back in 2009 and has been collecting dust ever since. Part of the reason is the assumed two-hour length. Well, we did play a three player game in less than 90 minutes last week, so I suppose it’s not that bad. […]