Category: Session reports

  • Oregon, Fresh Fish, Age of Steam

    I missed yesterday’s games, thanks to a 39-degree fever. Nasty. Last week Petri wasn’t present, so we took the opportunity to play games Petri doesn’t care about that much. Unfortunately that list includes Age of Steam… So, of course, that was the first thing on the list. We played the Poland map from Winsome Games. […]

  • Container full of Fresh Fish

    Last week we played Container and Fresh Fish. Container is one of those games that divide opinions, but we’ve got some fans of the game. I like it, the free-wheeling process of manufacturing, buying, selling and shipping just works. I like the way the economy depends on the players: if players waste money, the economy […]

  • Acquire, Age of Industry, Pantheon, Oregon

    Biweekly recap time. Acquire. More Acquire. This one turned out to be a big hit. I sure don’t mind. Won’t be surprised if this hits ten plays this year. Suggest. Age of Industry. I’ve known that Brass is something I should be interested in. Hannu has had Age of Industry since it was published. How come […]

  • International business: Greed and Acquire

    Two weeks ago we played Greed, incorporated. This is a Splotter game that came out in 2009. I’ve played it once before in 2010, then it languished unplayed for two years… But finally we got to play it again. Again, it was a blast. This is one of the most entertaining games I know, few […]

  • Elder Signs of Kansas Pacific

    Two weeks of games. Last week I expected two players, but we got third. Good that I hadn’t prepared with strictly two-player affairs. Dominion: Hinterlands. I’m a Dominion fan, so I like the new expansion. Simple as that. It sure is no Alchemy. There are several interesting cards. Fool’s Gold (money; first played on turn […]

  • Puzzle Strike and gambling starlords

    Puzzle Strike. Three more games. These were the best games so far. I played well, I think, winning two out of three. The games were well-fought and exciting. A tad long at 30 minutes or so each, but they didn’t drag on. I suppose there’s a good game in there. Going to play more today. Suggest. […]

  • First games of 2012

    2012 is off to a flying start. My wife has been incredibly understanding of my board game hobby and I’ve been able to spend more time playing games. Part of that is definitely the kids: they’re older now (my son is 5 and my daughter is 3 in less than two weeks), so taking care […]

  • Eclipse and Eminent Domain

    We played Eclipse yesterday. Our regular location had some strange holiday opening hours, and we had to do a quick relocate. Fortunately the nearest bar had large enough tables (just barely) for a five-player game of Eclipse – that’s not obvious, as the game is quite demanding when it comes to table space. I had […]

  • Tulipmania, Terra Evolution and Felix

    Good games yesterday. We managed to get through four games in one evening. Tulipmania 1637 is a pretty cool game of a bubble market that heats up and crashes. Somehow the game felt a bit flat, though. I want to give it another go, but next time it’s five players or nothing (now we had […]

  • Terra Evolution

    I got a review copy of Terra Evolution in Lautapelaamaan con and I’ve now played it five times, on two occasions. Both have been my Monday circus school games with Janne, so all have been two-player games. So far, I dig it. I’d rate it a 7, so probably not a keeper, but I did […]